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How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Apple Watch Screen? It's Not Cheap

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Apple Watch Screen? It's Not Cheap

The Apple Watch has become a popular accessory for many people, providing a range of features and functionalities on your wrist. However, accidents happen, and one of the most common mishaps is a cracked or damaged screen. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you may wonder how much it will cost to replace an Apple Watch screen. In this article, we will explore the factors that affect the cost of Apple Watch screen replacement, the official Apple repair options, third-party repair services, DIY alternatives, and additional costs to consider.

Factors Affecting Apple Watch Screen Replacement Cost

Before we discuss the actual costs, it's important to understand the various factors that can influence the price of replacing an Apple Watch screen.

Apple Watch Model

The cost of replacing an Apple Watch screen can vary depending on the specific model you own. Generally, newer models tend to have higher replacement costs due to the availability of parts and the complexity of the design.

Type of Damage

The extent of the damage to your Apple Watch screen plays a significant role in determining the cost of replacement. A minor crack or scratch may require less extensive repairs, resulting in a lower cost, while severe damage or a shattered screen may require a complete screen replacement, which can be more expensive.

Warranty Coverage

If your Apple Watch is still under warranty, the cost of screen replacement may be covered by Apple. However, it's essential to check the terms and conditions of your warranty to understand what is included and what isn't.


AppleCare+ is an extended warranty program offered by Apple that provides additional coverage for your Apple Watch. Depending on the plan you choose, AppleCare+ may cover accidental damage, including screen repairs, for a reduced fee compared to out-of-warranty repairs.

Repair Options

The repair options available to you can also impact the cost. Official Apple repair services tend to be more expensive than third-party repair shops or DIY alternatives. However, official repairs often come with the guarantee of genuine Apple parts and trained technicians.

Official Apple Watch Screen Replacement Cost

When opting for an official Apple repair, the cost of replacing an Apple Watch screen can vary depending on the model and whether it's covered by warranty or AppleCare+. Generally, out-of-warranty repairs can range from $129 to $329, with newer models on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Third-Party Repair Services

If you're looking for a more affordable option, third-party repair services may be an alternative. These repair shops specialize in Apple Watch repairs and often offer competitive pricing. However, it's crucial to research the reputation and reliability of the repair service before proceeding.

DIY Screen Replacement

For the tech-savvy individuals, attempting a DIY screen replacement is a possibility. This option can potentially save you money, but it comes with risks. DIY repairs require technical skills, specialized tools, and the willingness to take on the responsibility of any potential damage or voided warranties. If you're confident in your abilities, there are online tutorials and replacement kits available for purchase that can guide you through the process.

Additional Costs to Consider

When calculating the cost of replacing an Apple Watch screen, it's important to consider any additional expenses that may arise:

  • Shipping: If you opt for an online repair service or purchase a DIY replacement kit, you may need to factor in shipping costs for sending your Apple Watch or receiving the replacement parts.

  • Taxes: Depending on your location, there may be applicable taxes on the repair services or replacement parts.

  • AppleCare+ Deductible: If you have AppleCare+ coverage, there may be a deductible to pay when utilizing the accidental damage coverage.

  • Accessories: It's worth noting that some Apple Watch screen replacements may not come with the adhesive or tools required for installation. These additional accessories may need to be purchased separately.

Tips to Reduce Apple Watch Screen Replacement Costs

While Apple Watch screen replacement costs can add up, there are a few tips you can follow to potentially reduce the overall expense:

  • Take Advantage of Warranty Coverage: If your Apple Watch is still under warranty, check if the screen damage is covered. This can save you from paying out-of-pocket for repairs.

  • Consider AppleCare+: If you don't already have AppleCare+ coverage, evaluate whether it's worth investing in, especially if you're prone to accidents or have a history of damaging electronic devices.

  • Compare Repair Services: If you're not bound by warranty or AppleCare+, research and compare prices from various third-party repair services. Read reviews, check their reputation, and ensure they use high-quality replacement parts.

  • DIY with Caution: If you're confident in your technical skills, attempting a DIY screen replacement can save you money. However, be aware of the risks involved and only proceed if you're comfortable and knowledgeable about the process.

  • Use Screen Protectors: Preventive measures such as applying a screen protector to your Apple Watch can help minimize the risk of damage. While it won't completely eliminate the possibility of cracks or scratches, it can act as an extra layer of protection.


Replacing an Apple Watch screen can be a costly endeavor, with prices varying based on factors such as the model, type of damage, and repair options. Official Apple repair services tend to be more expensive, while third-party repair shops and DIY alternatives offer more budget-friendly options. It's essential to consider warranty coverage, AppleCare+, and additional costs when calculating the overall expense. By following the tips provided and taking preventive measures, you can potentially reduce the costs associated with Apple Watch screen replacement.

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