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TV Reviews

Welcome to FMEnt, your ultimate destination for TV show reviews. Dive into our insightful and comprehensive analysis to discover the latest gems and make informed choices for your next binge-worthy adventure.



Gen V: A new generation of heroes in the boys' universe

The Boys Universe is known for its subversive approach to superhero storytelling. The introduction of "Gen V heroes" once again captured the public's attention. These new heroes reshape superhero history with an emphasis on complexity, diversity, and moral introspection.

Idris Elba Talks Hijack, Filming On A Plane & Past Character Influences

Step into the world of Hollywood with Idris Elba as he shares his captivating journey through 'Hijack' film, daring experiences filming on a plane, and the powerful influences of past characters.

Queen Charlotte Review: Bridgerton Prequel Lacks Romance

The much-awaited Bridgerton prequel, Queen Charlotte, is finally here. The series focuses on the origin story of the powerful and enigmatic queen who is well-known for her social influence in the Regency Era. The show explores her life before she became queen and the events that shaped her into the person she is.

Elizabeth Olsen shines in Love & Death crime drama: A review

The true-crime genre has become increasingly popular in recent years, with a slew of new shows and documentaries premiering on streaming services. Love & Death is one such series that has garnered a lot of attention for its unique take on the true story of Candy Montgomery.

Power Season 1: Shaky Start, Promising Series

The Power is a TV series on Starz that follows the story of James "Ghost" St. Patrick, a nightclub owner and drug lord. The show is known for its intense drama and action, as well as its exploration of themes such as power, loyalty, and family.

Ali Wong and Steven Yeun shine in emotional black comedy 'Beef'

"Beef" is a recent black comedy movie starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun. Directed by Lee Sung-hong, the movie follows the story of two estranged siblings, who come together to cook the perfect beef dish in order to honor their late father's memory.


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