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Danger Street Review: A Bizarre Debut Issue Too Special To Miss

Danger Street Review: A Bizarre Debut Issue Too Special To Miss

Danger Street Review is a new literary magazine that has just released its debut issue. The magazine promises to feature "the weird, the offbeat, and the uncanny," and it certainly lives up to that promise. we will take a closer look at the first issue of Danger Street Review and discuss why it is a must-read for anyone interested in the strange and unusual.

The Cover Art

The first thing that catches your eye when you pick up a copy of Danger Street Review is the striking cover art. The cover of the debut issue features a bizarre, otherworldly creature with multiple eyes and tentacles. The artwork is beautifully rendered and immediately sets the tone for the strange and unusual content that lies within.

The Fiction

The bulk of Danger Street Review is devoted to short fiction, and the debut issue features a strong selection of stories that will appeal to fans of weird and horror fiction. Some of the standout stories include "The House of Eyes" by Emily B. Cataneo, a haunting tale about a young woman who inherits a strange and mysterious house, and "The Black Stone" by S.L. Edwards, a Lovecraftian story about a cursed artifact that drives those who possess it to madness.

The Poetry

In addition to fiction, Danger Street Review also features a selection of poetry. The poems in this issue are all thematically linked to the weird and uncanny, and they range from hauntingly beautiful to downright creepy. Highlights include "The Hungry Ghost" by Jennifer Crow, a chilling poem about a ghost that feeds on the living, and "The Night is an Ocean" by Christina Sng, a dreamlike poem that explores the depths of the human psyche.

The Interviews

One of the unique features of Danger Street Review is the inclusion of interviews with some of the authors and artists featured in the magazine. These interviews offer readers a glimpse into the creative process behind the stories and artwork, and they provide valuable insights into the minds of some of today's most innovative and imaginative artists.

The Design

Finally, it's worth mentioning the design of Danger Street Review. The magazine is beautifully designed, with striking artwork and typography that perfectly complement the content. The layout is clean and easy to read, and the overall aesthetic is both modern and timeless.


Finally, Danger Street Review's debut issue is a must-read for anyone interested in the strange, the offbeat, and the uncanny. From the striking cover art to the diverse selection of fiction, poetry, and interviews, this magazine offers a truly unique and unforgettable reading experience.

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