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Batman #900 Is DC's Must-Read Comic of 2023 (Review)

Batman #900 Is DC's Must-Read Comic of 2023 (Review)

Batman #900 is a highly anticipated comic book released by DC Comics in 2023. Written by the legendary Scott Snyder, Batman #900 is a landmark issue that celebrates Batman's legacy and marks a new era for the character. This article will provide a detailed review of Batman #900 and explain why it is a must-read comic book for all Batman fans.

The Significance of Batman #900

Batman #900 is a significant milestone in the history of Batman comics. Not only does it mark the 900th issue of the Batman series, but it also celebrates the character's 100th anniversary. Batman has been a cultural icon since his debut in 1939, and his popularity has only grown over the years. Batman #900 pays tribute to Batman's legacy and showcases why he is still one of the most beloved and enduring superheroes of all time.

Overview of the Comic

Batman #900 is a 48-page comic book that features a series of interconnected stories written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Peter J. Tomasi. The comic is divided into three parts, each focusing on a different aspect of Batman's world. The first part features Batman's ongoing battle against crime in Gotham City. The second part explores Batman's relationships with his supporting cast, including Robin, Batgirl, and Alfred. The third part takes a deeper dive into Batman's psyche and reveals the emotional toll that being Batman has on him.

The Plot of Batman #900

Without giving away any major spoilers, the plot of Batman #900 is centered around a new threat to Gotham City. The story features multiple villains, including the Joker, Scarecrow, and Two-Face, who all have their own agendas and motivations. Batman must use all of his resources and allies to stop the villains and save Gotham City from destruction.

Batman's Character Development

One of the highlights of Batman #900 is the character development of Batman himself. The story delves deep into Batman's psyche and explores his motivations for being a superhero. The comic also showcases Batman's relationships with his allies and how they have helped him over the years. Readers will see a new side of Batman that is both vulnerable and emotionally complex.

The Writing and Dialogue

The writing and dialogue in Batman #900 are superb. Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Peter J. Tomasi are all seasoned writers who understand the Batman character inside and out. The story is well-paced and keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end. The dialogue is authentic and true to each character's personality, making the story feel grounded and realistic.

The Art and Colors

The art and colors in Batman #900 are stunning. The comic features the work of several talented artists, including Greg Capullo, Jock, and Lee Berme jo. Each artist brings their unique style to the comic, resulting in a visually stunning and cohesive story. The colors are also vibrant and add to the overall mood and tone of the comic.

The Villains

Batman has one of the most iconic rogues galleries in all of comics, and Batman #900 does not disappoint. The villains in the story are all well-written and showcase their individual motivations and personalities. The Joker, in particular, stands out as a formidable foe who poses a significant threat to Batman and Gotham City.

The Supporting Characters

Batman #900 also features several supporting characters who play important roles in the story. Robin, Batgirl, and Alfred all have their moments to shine and contribute to Batman's mission. The comic also introduces a new character who adds an interesting dynamic to the story.

Easter Eggs and References

Fans of Batman comics will appreciate the numerous Easter eggs and references throughout Batman. The comic pays homage to previous Batman storylines and incorporates elements from various Batman media, including the movies and animated series.

Final Verdict

Overall, Batman #900 is an exceptional comic book that celebrates Batman's legacy and showcases his enduring popularity. The story is well-written and beautifully illustrated, with memorable villains and supporting characters. The comic also offers insight into Batman's character and emotional struggles, making him feel more relatable and human.

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