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Gremlins 3: The Key Element It Must Bring Back for Success

Gremlins 3: The Key Element It Must Bring Back for Success

The Gremlins franchise has been a beloved part of pop culture since the original movie's release in 1984. The quirky horror-comedy movie introduced audiences to Gizmo and the Gremlins, and it has since become a cult classic. However, the sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, failed to live up to expectations. With a third movie in the works, it's important to examine what made the original movie so great and what needs to be brought back for Gremlins 3 to succeed.


Overview of the Original Gremlins Movie

The original Gremlins movie was a horror-comedy that followed a young man, Billy Peltzer, who receives a unique Christmas gift from his father. The gift is a Mogwai named Gizmo, who has three simple rules that must be followed: don't get him wet, don't expose him to bright light, and don't feed him after midnight. Of course, these rules are broken, and Gizmo spawns a group of mischievous and dangerous Gremlins that terrorize the small town of Kingston Falls.


Why Gremlins 2 Failed to Live Up to Expectations

While the original movie was a massive success, the sequel was met with mixed reviews. One reason for this was the lack of direction and focus. Gremlins 2 seemed to abandon the horror aspect and leaned heavily into comedy, resulting in a disjointed film that failed to capture the magic of the first movie.


What Elements Need to Be Brought Back in Gremlins 3 for It to Succeed

To ensure Gremlins 3 lives up to the success of the original movie, certain elements need to be brought back. These elements are crucial to capturing the spirit of the original movie while also updating the franchise for modern audiences.


The Original Cast Members Should Return

One element that should be brought back in Gremlins 3 is the original cast members. The actors who played Billy, his girlfriend Kate, and his friend Pete were all integral to the success of the first movie. Bringing them back for the third movie would not only give fans a sense of nostalgia but also provide a continuity that the franchise has lacked since the original movie.


Gizmo Should Play a Central Role in the Film

Gizmo was the heart of the original movie and should play a central role in the third movie. His adorable appearance and innocent nature provided a stark contrast to the mischievous and dangerous Gremlins. Gizmo's presence in the movie would not only appeal to fans but also give the movie a much-needed heart.


The Movie Should Stick to the Horror-Comedy Genre

The original movie was a horror-comedy, and that genre should be maintained in Gremlins 3. While Gremlins 2 leaned heavily into comedy, it lost the horror aspect that made the first movie so memorable. By maintaining the horror-comedy genre, Gremlins 3 can appeal to both fans of the original movie and new audiences who appreciate the genre.


The Setting Should Be Familiar but Fresh

The setting of the movie should be familiar to fans but also fresh and exciting. Returning to Kingston Falls would be a great way to provide fans with a sense of nostalgia, but the setting should also be updated to reflect modern times. This could include new buildings and technologies that weren't present in the original movie.


The Movie Should Have an Updated Soundtrack

The original Gremlins movie had a memorable soundtrack that helped to set the tone for the film. To succeed, Gremlins 3 should have an updated soundtrack that pays homage to the original while also providing a modern twist.


The Movie Should Have a Balance Between Practical and CGI Effects

While modern special effects are necessary, it's also important to maintain a balance between practical and CGI effects. The original movie used a combination of puppetry and animatronics to bring the Gremlins to life, which gave them a tangible presence on screen. To succeed, Gremlins 3 should continue to use practical effects while also incorporating CGI for more complex scenes.



In conclusion, to succeed, Gremlins 3 needs to bring back certain elements from the original movie while also updating the franchise for modern audiences. The original cast members should return, Gizmo should play a central role, and the movie should maintain the horror-comedy genre. Additionally, the movie should have a strong storyline, a familiar yet fresh setting, an updated soundtrack, modernized special effects, a balance between practical and CGI effects, and remain true to the original design of the Gremlins. By incorporating these elements, Gremlins 3 has the potential to be just as successful as the original movie.

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